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In this tutorial needed to be performed, which enables further analysis and Finance Management in the context of current account, bank and petty cash basic information about the book describes. When you have completed this training; Current Account, Bank and petty cash book will be taken through the menus and you will learn practical details of transcripts for their use.
Bank identification cards from the cards that you open in this section you can list all the details of the banks. Bank to get the book; The Book Code and the code range to be included in the structure of banks enter. If you do not want to be seen in all the details in the book if the dump location in the screen where you select “Settings&Criteria” section, you must make the relevant definitions.
Chassis identification cards from the cards you open this section, you can list all the details of the safe.
With this program, your current company information in relation to the fixed card on the screen so that the current promotional dumps, you will be able to get the bulk of the information you entered. (This is included for customers that are followed in Palermo as a producer.) When you run the program you only need to shape the sort of transaction in the field of range based on your selection from your code or scan code by selecting the fields of the structure is in Palermo. This selection, along with the program, your business Code, Title, tax, tax number, accounting code, region code, Bank Code, bank account will provide you with every detail.
This casting producer Cari your information, so acres of land, bagkur start and end date Medicare number Medicare organizational wallet, etc. the only transaction you need to do to be able to view the titles of the relevant headings to include in your report. For this section of the report located at the beginning of the titles lined up in the colon of your screen, “click here to select the columns that appear to” section that will open and press to bring you the titles that you want from the screen is active.
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