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In this tutorial, the debt-credit memo general purpose and used for the purpose of the transfer receipt with the required parameters and describes the basic properties of the function.When you have completed this training, your debt-to-credit memo with a general-purpose Bank to post the credit memo, you will learn where and how to use it.
The debit memo in the payment section of your company out of the papers documents his borclandirma the program will be entered into.
Account type: debit memo have been cut where the current type (the current account-bank service-safe-cost-Eng. Account-personnel-inventory-imports and financial contract) in this area end-of-line by clicking on the button from the window that will open will be selected. Account code: you cut debit memo that the company or the bank in this field you must enter the code of the person. You can choose from the list of account codes F10.
Group: the current type is a bank debit voucher with you in this field, if a line break by clicking the button groups involving the bank account (bank deposits, checks given in the collection, the Czechs, etc.) you can have access to a window.
Responsibility Center code: account type asked to fill in this field you selected you have to enter the code which is responsible for the responsibility of the centre.
Amount: the amount of debt in relation to the relevant memo line you must enter in this field. Currency: the currency of the current account in the relevant row of the original receipt refers to. Setup: exchange into the currency of the current account in the relevant row of the receipt value.
Payment: payment plan debit memo will be entered into this field. If you wish this field by pressing the F10 key, you can display a list of kur9000 payment plans that are defined in the program. If the payment is going to be in advance, you can switch by leaving this field blank.
Account type: borclandiriyo opposed to just the code you have entered your current account if you are in this field you must enter the type of account in relation to the supply of debt will work. Safe, cost center, bank, staff, etc. Account code: you cut debit memo that the company or the bank will work against the person corresponding to the account Code field you must enter. Against this field in your selection in the account type field will vary according to the entry you made. For example, in the type field, if you have selected the bank, the bank codes will be listed if you selected safe also, the other codes will be listed.
Account currency: the selected account against the original currency. Account currency: the currency against which the value of the currency of the selected account
Responsibility Center account code: the account code selected from the liability which belongs to the debit memo is associated with the center of motion in this field, if you can enter the code is the responsibility of the relevant centre.
As you make your introduction, you will be assigned some values to the bottom of your receipt. These average Days: the average of the sum of the transaction in the memo field on your pay day. In other words, is the average maturity. Total: the total receipt amount.
Papers/documents in the collection penetrable section of what you can get, with a credit note will be entered in this section. ! A function with parameters the parameters of the debit memo is the same.
Between accounts with bank statements the debtor-creditor transfer is performed. One of the accounts the creditor is to be entered here, and the other would owe. Receipt of the transfer, a debit or credit memo, as distinct from each account debtor or a creditor is an indication of whether the account is on line.
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