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The increase in Visa and MasterCard Card Debt What does it mean for investors?  

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Again, the United States is increasing and the number of credit card debt in the U.S. according to the Federal Reserve, U.S. household credit card debt, the highest level since 2009.
Author Okan Brunette
Date: 22 December 2017
Mastercard and Visa, has experienced growth over the last few years and Americans are more secure financially and more comfortable about using a credit card has become. In the United States, low unemployment rates, GDP and other economic indicators fueled optimism because an increase of slow but steady investments and expenditures.
When we look at the last few years, many banks offered generous incentives in the United States is a fairly new card. When competition increases between the banks themselves, credit card promotions and various incentives to consumers almost wide distributed.
But the New York Fed household debt, the highest level since 2009 in a recent report now reveals whether, on the basis of a lot more Americans to get a credit card.
In the second quarter, reaching US $ 12.8 trillion in household debt the total amount of U.S. record. According to the Federal Reserve, U.S. household credit card debt reached the highest level since 2009.
Payables, a more important issue for banks in general, although it is a problem for companies such as Visa and Mastercard credit card provider. Payment arrears, delays and losses, such as inability to incentives such as the final card to be charged because it is hard in the case of banks, of debt increase the demand for this failure, such as promotions, may be withdrawn.
While data is far from the connotations of a crisis for banks, especially credit card payments, entering a trend is worth considering because it can affect the company. Shares of Mastercard and visa since the beginning of the year increased by 28 percent and 24 percent respectively.

The spending cap to reduce the costs of Visa card exchange
Pepee Pep visa and Visa card holders spending on the internet within the context of cooperation worldwide with exchange rates from abroad and advantageous to perform commission-free travel will provide economic benefits by using ATMs.
Speaking at a press conference introduced the pep card, palladium electronic money and Payment Services, Inc. General manager Artun with a pigeon, " with the logo connected himself with Visa card and money transfer, foreign operations, and morale, to be obtained from both business and individual expenses foreign exchange differences are handled without being damaged.
PeP will meet with members now in overseas operations in Turkey and advantageous services. Our target audience; business or leisure travellers abroad, who live abroad to study abroad students going abroad and students who receive payment from people and companies. With the new card with the Visa logo all this pep in the segment of money transfer, domestic payment transactions overseas, such as exchange rates and import process as fast advantageous we offer 7/24-making facilities. For example, in the UK, week in, week except for in just 5 minutes and without saying makes it easier to transfer the money is done," he said.”
Retail and SME customers in Turkey reached 500 thousand, indicating that the needs of SMEs and individuals with innovative products for Pepee card with Dove both said they would continue to drive to the field.
Visa Turkey general manager Merve Tezel, " an innovative and technology driven business models all over the world today thanks to Fintech, Payments in the industry, offering new products and services, respond to special needs and makes your life easier. Pep, especially for overseas purchases in the digital environment creative and consumer-friendly idea put forward, is responding to the needs of consumers with the demands of a simple and transparent service.
Thanks to our partnership card holders, Pep, Pep 200 countries in the world and the workplace with the benefits of using the visa ATM network covering 2.7 million 54 million, will have the opportunity to make the transaction easily. To integrate advanced technology into everyday life our vision of providing a seamless payment experience to consumers and this overlap in the direction of international payments we are pleased to be a part of the solution," he said.”

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