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Established partnerships with Turkey's leading banks, nine credit bureau (KKB), credit for individual and corporate users in learning, Risk Report Check/Report name in Finder under the new financial services, such as receiving the unified service platform.

Before these services will now be received over through the address is being received. As a member of banks and other financial institutions debt and credit findeks you can learn your limits, just track your credit score, financial control.

Findeks what is a credit rating?

Findeks credit rating; rating is the most common risk in the Turkish banking sector. Refer to the financial performance of this model, which is in the formal nature of the person of credibility in the banking sector.

Findeks credit rating in the banking system loan payment in the nature of a summary Risk Report, which is aimed at your habits, your an analytical model. Findeks credit rating a credit rating by examining your credit findeks of the holder of the possibility of paying the debt within the next 12 months can be detected. Findeks credit rating; the person it has received from the Bank of personal loans, credit cards and overdraft accounts are created from the usage data. This data on a monthly basis, the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) Risk Center are collected within.

Actively from the banking system, credit cards, personal loans and overdraft account, or using Findeks all the individual users who closed a loan in the last 5 years has a credit rating. People who've used the product with just a bank account but no credit for people who have not used credit in the last 5 years Findeks a credit rating is not calculated.

Findeks a credit rating of 0 – 1,900 range may vary.

Findeks how can I raise my credit score?

Credit cards and payment from your current accounts to be regular in habits, are the factors that positively affect your overall grade.

Findeks inquire for credit / Risk to get my report will cause my grade to drop?

No. Findeks that you receive your grade report or risk credit rating on negative or positive to the question definitely does not cause to change in some way.

Findeks to learn the credit note does it cost?

Findeks you get from the first credit rating free of charge. When you want findeks you can see by logging into your current Note. You need to pay if you want to update your grade 2.3 TL.

Findeks Credit Rating Components

Personal loans and credit card payment Habits of 30 %
Individual and timely repayment of loan installments, the minimum payment amount on your credit card statement that raises the credit note findeks is a factor. Payments made before the payment due date, the credit note is one of the reasons that affect findeks.

The debt situation and current account 25% of
Closed good and bad loans, secured or unsecured and limits are included to account by considering outstanding debt balances.

Seeking New Credit From 20 %
Although not yet certain of recently received payment performance of the loans the rate is a factor that increases a person's risklilik. However, the ratio is relatively low to affect the rating.

The Intensity Of Use Credit Of 15 %
A person who has a good payment history and positive credit rating using Findeks credit, no credit or less than a person that uses that do not use may be higher.

Other 10 %

Findeks risk report what is it?

findeks Risk Report, which had been closed in the last 5 years is still active and that shows your payment history for your credit report. In our country, all the while creating this report on a monthly basis from banks and other financial institutions received credit usage and payment performance data are used.

Basically your person, in relation to Housing Risk Report-vehicle-consumer loans and credit card account information and overdraft occurs. All of this information on the products that you have used on a regular basis by financial institutions the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) Risk Center is being forwarded, and this information is Findeks (KKB) are subject to a report issued by.

Findeks that you can risk your credit rating report your financial performance in the most accurate way to express your information additionally, you can make the best of your past actions and your current financial situation that contains detailed information. In your report, in your relationships and business information that can be requested from you include :

# Findeks Credit Rating
# Total Credit Limits
# Total Credit Debt
# Overdraft Account Details
# Payment History
# Delayed Payment Do You Have?
# List Open Account
# List Of Closed Accounts
# Follow-Up Received Loans

Risk a few pounds I'll pay for my report?

Individual risk report over 2.3 TL can be taken in a return. If you have previously received the report, these reports free of charge whenever you want a you can see by logging in.

The information in the report is regularly updated Risk?





The information is updated on a monthly basis. Each financial institution customers by the end of the previous month payment of credit performance-oriented information reports.

Findeks reports the information regarding the period which covers?

Findeks opening reports, regardless of the date credit information all loans closed in the last 5 years with all active covers. Legal pursuit was taken in, but still closed more than 5 years old even though the balance are loans covered by the report.

Risk the information in my report is incorrect, What should I do?

Risk if you feel that the information in the report is accurate, immediately by using the form in this link in your report, you can arrange for the error to be cleared. From here you make the notifications and the completion of the process to be concluded within 24 hours the information on your e-mail address will be forwarded to.

What is the Czech findeks report?

The Czech report have been used in the past, and already have been drawn but unpaid checks in relation to all information is a report that incorporates both positive and negative at the same time. In this report Risk Report unlike the individual or institution to markets outside of the financial sector actually shows the payment habits of their debts. Therefore, the Czech holder, drawer pull, receiving the report in case of cheque payment it is possible to measure easily the habits of the person.

All of the banks in Turkey in the Czech report the Czech product that has the data.

3. Person Reports

Contact Findeks credit note/Report the information you want, and in the case of their financial status and evaluate their assertions in a healthy way, and also it is possible to share with others their own reports for the same purpose. 3 for the purpose of commercial use. the Czech report and the risk report, the Czech credit rating if the owner of the report and gives permission findeks findeks indices can be retrieved through the membership system.

Credit bureau Inc the approval process is executed in two ways. The first method pre-approved process. In this process, the report owner, the person or institution who requested the report wants to share using the sharing settings in the system findeks membership report by tckn person or institution or by identifying vkn may give preliminary approval.

Findeks the second method is by logging into the membership system, the report thrown at the phone number provided from the owner's bank is performed with a positive response from SMS.

Findeks how do you become a member?

For individual membership at the “registration” step, you can be a free member. Commercial membership “become a member” step of the application form is filled out. The activation process is done through the banks that serves the membership. Previously

Membership acceptance to provide services that banks are Akbank, Albaraka Türk Burgan Bank, DenizBank, Halk Bank, Iş Bank, şekerbank, TEB (Turkish economy Bank), Vakıfbank.
Findeks credit rating report and risk when someone else will it work?


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