KKB risk report what is it ? What does it do ? How To Buy?  

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Last week, the news in the press right now, not even in the near future that will affect the lives of consumers was given to an application: KKB Risk Report. 10 as of September 2012, credit bureau (KKB) announced the opening member banks access to information previously only available to citizens.

Briefly KKB

Credit bureau established in partnership with banks, loans and the repayment performance of consumers who use credit cards (where the debt is paid on time, credit has started tracking whether legal or administrative against due to default), to interrogate the financial performance of the banks how much debt is that allows individuals as a giant data bank. SMS, internet, ATM made through pre-approved credit application process in almost all of the operator from this data base is enabled.

KKB financial performance information in the database includes over 25 million that belong to real people. KKB to expand the scope of the database by the end of 2013, the performance of the financial sector, as well as natural persons electricity, water, gas and telecommunications services that require subscription, such as performance information will be included.

KKB-KKB Risk Report of individuals with record query

September 10, 2012, as previously only the member banks have access to risk reports, individuals will be able to reach into contact.

Risk in the report; today, individuals/businesses in the banking system of credit products (including credit cards) debt/limit/performance information to be summarized. Individuals where their debts are paid on time, how much of a debt as existing debt in legal proceedings, such as whether information will be included.

KKB Risk Report that has been applied all over the world in different names and forms we see. In our country, real people will be able to access their own risk, just NNW of the report. If you want to achieve this kind of third party information, you'll have to ask you to provide KKB Risk Report of the person in question. In terms of confidentiality of personal information, it's an effective measure to start this.

KKB Risk Report in the only negative performance. The performance of credit and credit cards paid on time, as well as depending on the request of the person requesting the credit limit information may be contained in the report.

High potential of use in terms of area

KKB KKB Risk Report Risk Report in the area of the first use that comes to our mind, without a doubt, loan / credit card applications received will likely to help find the cause of reject. Nowadays, bad credit credit cards due to the performance of reference reddolan, but the number of people who didn't find what caused it too much. These individuals are no longer KKB RISk reports and will be able to see by examining the source of the problem and take corrective action. In addition, a partnership to begin the home loan when buying, when selling goods the term of such reports after reviewing your request, the trial and conviction, the more healthy you will be able to make a decision.

Risk Report where can?

Theoretically, all 10 branches of member banks as of September 2012 Risk Report, internet banking, and some banks even pay a fee to be able to get from the ATM. In practice, the number of banks that can draw KKB Risk Report in the specified format is very limited. KKB continues to be also provided this information on their site.

Remember, you can request your report from the banks own risk that you have just.

Risk Report What are the costs ?

You have learned so far, you tried to pick up information from the bank, you about her you will have to pay fees and commissions. Risk Report in our opinion the most important deficit here. About the Risk Report has recommended a fee. Banks are free ucretlendirmek this information as they wish. Others offering this service before a competition occurs, or until it sets an upper limit for legal fees related to these banks until they'll try doing whatever they want. KKB Risk Report Bank report existing service offering 5 to $ 15 between what they're paid. The engine gives this information on the internet Feb 2 TL ATM or banks that are ready.

You are given the risk to tell whether the report is fake how do you know?

Report is issued about the report that you want to be informed about third parties risk to be the person you need to ask. Eventually people will give in your hands a piece of paper. On this paper of whether tampering has been made on whether the information is accurate or NNW via the web site ( you will be able to check.

The information in the report is incorrect What should I do ?

KKB Risk of inaccurate or incorrect information in your report in case the report that you received from the bank asking for a fix, you need to begin the process by we're talking about in this article.


Posted : February 25, 2020 11:58 pm