Turkey's credit rating will be downgraded?  

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As is known, a coup attempt in the night of July 15 on domestic markets, the impact was pretty hard. After the initiative of the member of a nested group under the TAF FETO, many citizens lost their lives, the major institutions of the state had become the target of attacks. The reflection in domestic markets of the coup attempt, however had been very hard. Borsa Istanbul have dropped to critical levels, reaching a record level against the dollar and the Turkish lira. The effects of the coup attempt against the Turkish lira can be found here. Also other developments that affect the Turkish economy after the coup attempt; Borsa Istanbul in detention decisions, a decline in the aviation stock and the S&P's credit allowance had been. As you will remember, the S&P that receives the radical decision on Turkey's credit rating from BB to BB+was lowered. All the effects of the coup attempt for the Turkish economy can be found here.

Following the recent developments, active days on the domestic market is experiencing. With Russia on Economic Co-operation markets is reflected in a positive direction. However, the issue of Turkey's credit rating lowered and not lowered the market nowadays. Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek, held talks with Turkey's credit rating and made important statements about the expectation of foreign investors. Lightning featured sections of the descriptions said;

“I don't expect our rating to be reduced”

Description the first part of the Lightning in the assessments about Turkey's credit rating. Lightning in a statement, said that Turkey's credit rating is not concerned. However, the coup attempt which is made to a extraordinary lowering of country's credit rating wouldn't be stating that Şimşek, Turkey expressed that privacy is taken into consideration when such a situation it would be unfair. Credit rating agencies believe that they're just trying to do his job in an objective manner the Lightning, stressed that at this stage of credit rating should not be reduced. Lowering of the credit rating in case of lightning, immediately said they would carry out the work they need to increase the note.

“We'll meet with Western investors.”

Lightning in the second part of the description, investors made important statements about. After a coup attempt in the night of 15th July, stating that they have arranged important meetings with investors and met approximately 2000 Lightning, the necessary negotiations will continue unabated investments in Turkey should be cut down and voiced. The description in the continuation of a large portion of the month of September, stating that Western would meet with investors, Simsek, in an effort to maintain the flow of funds to their investments in Turkey and said they would be.

Posted : February 26, 2020 12:01 am