Financial literacy Education for Citizens  

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According to Economy Minister Mehmet şimşek, announced that citizens will be given financial literacy training through a website. Personal finance, stock market, economy, credit cards, stating that the private pension system training will be conducted in many areas such as Lightning; by citizens completing their education in the field of economy and Finance, indicated that they will increase their level of financial literacy.

The system testing phase is over!

In the developed countries of the world, in our country, this practice will reach a significant number of examples seen to the user it looks like. The end of the test phase, the site will be ready for use on May 27. Individuals who are interested in studying here, they'll have to have to register on the site. Many various training model to the face after being a member will be removed. Articles, videos, tools, and assessment exams can make use of all unrestricted content. Moreover, this will not be paid any fees for.

Many important institutions in this system is taking place...

According to the statement of Mehmet şimşek, many important institution there is no support on this service. At the beginning of the project, CMB (Capital Markets board) with brsa (banking regulation and Supervision Agency (brsa), central bank (CBRT), the Treasury and the Ministry of Turkish capital markets Association. He has been appointed as the coordinator of the project CMB and brsa.

Financial literacy is at a low level indicating that the minister Simsek in Turkey; citizen in this topic with the application to reduce the shortfall, says his company aims to contribute to economic development. The base of this application by saying that they have started to spread financial literacy, we can deduce from this segment of the project that will reach a serious expressed.

The training areas will be told in fairly plain language...

On site training in many subjects will be found. At the beginning of this service to the banking practices, especially the use of credit cards, private pension system, there will be information about the stock market investment from the market. Besides, personal budget, training, DASK insurance products, derivatives and corporate administration will be included. On-site training courses will be explained in such simple language that citizens can understand. For this reason, the citizens of all countries will be a system that could exploit easily. In this way, it is aimed at increasing the financial literacy of the public.

Trainers the training will take place!

Economy minister Simsek, stated that the Ministry of education and training for trainers on the system is also effective that has been said. In this way, many teachers will receive certificates by participating in various programs through this system. For this, the system for the launch of the certification program signed a protocol with the Ministry of National Education stated that it was agreed that it would be.

Minister Simsek, the Ministry of National Education with certification program that will be held within the country, the level of financial literacy that will be a positive contribution to the development of the program and said they expect that will reach a wider audience. Training is also growing at a great rate over the internet nowadays, that will contribute to the high number said they believe in this system.

Posted : February 26, 2020 12:02 am