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QNB Finansbank Cumhur Türkmen Assistant General Manager, Digital location where they are as a bank and the bank made some comments about your goals for the future. Details below;



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QNB Finansbank assistant general manager Cumhur Turkmen as recently as the feasibility to operate in a country in Europe made into the bank, conveyed that they were currently in the evaluation stage of this investment. In addition, a country in North Africa to begin feasibility studies for the region between what is reported by the Turkmen.

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In addition, Cumhur Turkmen, Finansbank aims to operate as a digital bank QNB abroad, he stressed. Turkmen participated in-based financial technology on Bloomberg Television's in the program’s and hence operates under the umbrella of the QNB QNB stated that Finansbank.
Turkmen, QNB QNB global with the power of Finansbank’merging the experiences in abroad in different countries I wonder why aren't we doing it?” he asked voiced.


Turkmen, QNB QNB global with the power of Finansbank’merging the experiences in abroad in different countries I wonder why aren't we doing it?" he asked voiced.It explains quite sympathetic to operate abroad, the Turkmen, “our human strength, we rely on our technology and our infrastructure. If you have different opportunities that we want to evaluate,” he said.

In addition to all these, the banking regulation and supervision agency banking is a structure that will change the fate of the new draft regulation is currently said. Remote banks related to customer acquisition this chapter is one of the most important elements of the draft communiqué, expressed that while this is important for the banks, said that digital.

On the other hand, the previous Saturday on the day of the notification of the brsa and the bank's representatives to speak what they've done in a meeting that lasted all day in Abant was transferred by Turkmen. Other regulators, including the digitization of the brsa is very supportive about it, even taken a leading role in the Turkmen is a chance for he explained that the Turkish banks.
Cumhur Turkmen, remote dijitallesmey of the most important factors for accelerating the customer in the bank to win is emphasized.


Turkmen accelerating factor then digitize it in the bank, “This three feet was missing in Turkey. There are examples in the world. We anticipate that the banking in this article we will change,” he said. That they were forced to go to a branch today to open an account at the bank or the bank's delegate to the person-courier to send Turkmen transfer the case, the new regulations no longer reports of this process that can be accomplished through video conferencing.

Continuing his speech by talking about the innovation to be implemented, Turkmen, wet signature of the contract with said it would be quite helpful to consumers that can now be done digitally.





QNB made a net profit of 631 million pounds Finansbank in the first quarter of 2019



The customers attracted by the benefits of voicing assistant general manager, sees a customer of that bank where you continue to be a benefit that would increase the competitiveness of the event announced. Then expressed hope that with increased competition in banking will begin to change. Banks with branches in different development but that may be added.

Turkmen, “Today in the street it might be changing the formation of the branch. In fact, we have moved from the ground floor to the top floor of the building of the branch we can see that. There can be ivmelendiren dijitallesmey this is quite the development.” he continued to explain by saying.
His clear statements touching on banking developments, the Turkmen Prime in this topic by the regulator to be made of the breakthrough, reported that this decision was made.


Banking services for the details of the advances to be made clear his statements referred to a different arrangement has to be made, while underlining the leading role of the brsa. Open banking-related developments in Turkey conveyed very soon to live.

Turkmen, during his speech’s started its operations in 2012 and is currently reaching 1.5 million customers they reminded. Over 12 billion of total deposits, indicating that the Turkmen, Finansbank's total deposits QNB this figure of 13% is equivalent to has announced that.

Amounting to TL 7 billion of the loan that is used until today, indicating that the Turkmen, QNB personal loans granted within the scope of Finansbank from 4’s extended reported. Turkmen also explained that credit card reached 350 thousand.
Cumhur Turkmen, is open to anyone who wants to do banking transactions through digital channels, he added.


Cumhur Turkmen, is open to anyone who wants to do banking transactions through digital channels, he added.The deputy director did not neglect to give information about the general descriptions, while maintaining customer profiles. “90 percent of customers are under age 45. Percent 77% male, 23% female. A low number of women makes us a little sad. Our new project will be about women. 57 percent of our customers are undergraduate and graduate. A mass of trained and running to do their work last on the internet we're talking about. by saying,” SMEs indicated that they offer services to individual customers together with for 2.5 years.

In addition to all this, the bank will jump on the digital transformation of the individual it is hoped that the SME side side. Turkmen, finally, in the medium and long term SME side, said they aim at expanding the product range. They bring out a POS product is also very advantageous for SMEs in the near future heralded.

Posted : February 26, 2020 12:02 am