Swiss financial giant signed a deal with China are addressing the concerns of the Silk Road  

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China's banking leader in the field of in Beijing with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Swiss, the initiative discusses the concerns of a belt path...



Swiss financial giant signed a deal with China are addressing the concerns of the Silk Road

Beijing last week, criticism of the initiative while dealing with a belt path at the same time he pointed to one of the financial centers of the world partner in win. In fact, on the day of Monday Chinese President Xi Jinping, who met with President Maurer of the Swiss confederation between the UEL projects in third countries for trade, investment and finance memorandum of understanding for cooperation was signed.

In other words, Switzerland, China's controversial Silk Road countries have joined the ranks of the decision to become involved in the project. Who had the reputation of being the international leader in the field of banking with the partnership between China and Central European countries, had repercussions all over the world. Experts also made statements about this remarkable.
A finance professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing Zhu Ning believes that China's initiative for the partnership with European countries is more useful to says.


The partnership with the Central European countries To China, it will be good for a modern Silk Road, “Switzerland's global banking and financial services given the preponderance in the country a path to the initiative will provide significant benefits for a generation,” said the professor, continued his speech: “Modern Silk Road project in accumulated debt, and the sustainability of China's projects for this to work, made me think more carefully about how to combine the power of the state and the market. This Chinese yuan internationalization process, considering it didn't go as fast as it was a few years ago, is becoming more important and an urgent issue.”
In related news, president of the Central Bank of China, Yi Gang last week, China's financial institutions provided funds for projects in excess of 440 billion dollars, said the modern Silk Road that I was reminded.


Accordingly, the Silk Road 440 billion dollars in Chinese financial institutions, Yi; “a country's overall debt capacity, debt and investment decisions to control risks when it comes to ensuring the sustainability of the debt should be considered as a way of,” he said. Future financing must be from the market and mostly commercial and investment cooperation funds made it quite clear that he is focused on. Also on Tuesday, Moody's said in a statement via; “border lending to emerging markets and our analysis of China's credit we've been focusing on the consequences,” he said.
A memorandum of understanding between Switzerland and China said they hadn't seen the consequences arising from the use of credit.


In addition to all these Switzerland and China a memorandum of understanding a memorandum of understanding, International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde with Chinese finance minister Liu Kun, last Wednesday, a three-year had signed a memorandum of understanding. Still it was not clear whether the Treaties of complaints decreased to a belt of a path.





China, generation, path is expanding with a new phase of the initiative and their global ambitions



Jonathan Hill of the Center for Strategic and international studies, published at the weekend in a note, “the Chinese authorities debt sustainability, and encouraging more open to talk in a way to give priority to environmental sustainability while it's more symbolic of the real change in the signing of the documents will require, for example, instead of starting a venture is uncertain, China can explain to the public the terms of the agreement,” he said.

Posted : February 26, 2020 12:02 am