6 Advantages Of Using A Credit Card  

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In fact, credit cards can be quite beneficial when used in a conscious and purposeful manner.


The advantages of the spending you make using a credit card, you have to be able to translate.

Let's come together to the advantages of the use of credit cards.

1. Recording your spending under


Your expenses allows you to clearly see your credit card expenses. Even your credit card statement thanks to the sectoral expenditure information, food, clothing, health care areas such as, how much did we spend lets see what you can easily.

The best part is spending in a regular way, by putting out your income and expenses allows you to make a personal financial plan.

2. Security

Provides security to use a credit card. The theft or loss of cash that you carry in your pocket or purse is the danger of. But when your credit cards is lost or stolen you will not suffer financial loss. When you call your bank to use your credit card, you can turn off in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, you should know the PIN code because I was not credit cards the bearer. This also provides another advantage in terms of security.

3. Credit rating

Our country's individual inquiry tool Findeks credit rating, loan credit rating of any person who uses the product never use the product, or less used a person that may be higher than indicated.


Use a credit card and making regular payments so your credit rating is a factor that also develops in you a positive direction. Individual to use a credit card raises your credit rating.

4. Awards and gifts

New credit card campaigns continued to be announced yesterday and today, is. Always we need to spend some mandatory for our needs. While it provides no reason why the rewards to the banks benefit from this spending.

For example, by earning extra points on your grocery purchases can save you money through our spending the next month scores. If we were to do a different sampling, especially if you need to use vehicles frequently, such as the path of the air, opt for earning credit cards will give you an advantage when you travel.

5. Automatic payment instructions

Another important advantage of the use of a credit card is to give automatic payment instructions. Normally, you can give automatic payment orders for your bills from your bank account, but even if you have money in your account so that you do not have automatic payments with your credit card that you make is important from the standpoint.

6. Convenience

If it is an advantage to the last, and the other is that it is quite easy to use a credit card. Today, almost all businesses accept payment by credit card. To vendors for payment by credit card your card overtime you and your four-digit PIN is sufficient to enter your code. Thus you can evaluate all of the above benefits.

Contribute to the country's economy and provides an advantage to individuals who use credit cards. 10 by using a credit card that you have provided to the country's economy the biggest advantage here, you can see the writing.

Spending amounts that you can afford to pay each month you should pay attention to. You shouldn't neglect to pay your debts that are due regularly. If you use your credit card correctly, you'll see how advantageous it is. Don't forget to check out the article we wrote about conscious about credit card use.



Posted : February 25, 2020 11:59 pm