Everything In About 6 Items On Your Credit Card Statement  

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The interbank card Center (BKM) in Turkey according to more than 57 million credit cards. Working individuals, students, virtually everyone has a credit card.

Every month our credit card account as your credit card statement spending by US banks after the cutoff date are sent.


In this article, I will touch briefly on what you need to know about the credit card bill. By following the titles, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about your statement.

What is your credit card statement?

When you make purchases with your credit card, you are using your credit card statement shows a summary of a document. Credit card statement your credit card statement if you have a debt a period before the date of your expenditures a result of your past debt minimum payment amount of your last payment and includes information such as the date of your statement.

In addition, your bank your points and use the information that you offer or service fee change on your statement or card is located.

On your credit card statement is cut off when/finalized?

Credit card statements, final payment 10 days prior to your date of credit card debt becomes disconnected or is finalized. The following day is a holiday, your statement date if statement date for that month will be the last day of your vacation.

The dates can be determined by the account segment of the credit card card user. If you want to change your date if your card statement, it is possible to change this.

You can learn from your statement date on your credit card statement.


When the card statement comes?

Account summary your account each month after the date of your final payment will be forwarded to you before your date. Credit card without waiting for your statement to arrive, branch, internet, mobile and telephone banking applications in through-term debt and, if available, it is possible to learn your past debts.

Card statement comes in?

If credit card receipts requested e-statements you provided to your bank as the e-mail address as you may can come to come via mail to the address. At the same time, banks with their customers through SMS-can inform about the amount of term debt.

What is your credit card statement?

On your credit card statement, your card will be forwarded to you by the bank after the statement date. The banks most of the time, mail, e-mail or SMS sent to you via your credit card statement. In a variety of ways to reach out to you for any reason, your card statement will be able to receive your statement.

Dump your your your credit card statement from bank branches or ATMs, you can get your statement at the same time as Feb internet, mobile app, or through telephone banking you can query.

Similarly, the internet, mobile applications, telephone banking or branch offices, you can request that your statement be sent to you.

Additional card is separate on the statement?

Additional Card, Master Card which is linked to a credit card. Additional card statement requested, the statement is connected in a way that is separate from the actual card if you can come. Additional card your statement, printed as your main card, or just via e-mail and you can get separate in a manner you can follow.




Posted : February 26, 2020 12:00 am