Who a Facebook group or online forum owner?  

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More and more online engagement occurs and “the old folks” also are joining Facebook in droves; the current highest growth the social media giant’s 55+ age groups; find more and more engagement occurring. Which, after all, is the whole point of these doors. Honest, good old engagement had “fine dining” type provides.

I’m going to start with Facebook groups (and that’s a completely different conversation) because they want as many people as you can add them as a marketing angle for their business I’m not talking about the costume business group, Setup by the people of legitimate groups, typically of a community, sports or hobby targeting and followed by like minded people I’m talking about. I have them myself and continue to admin group setup Facebook groups. But, so far, “censorship” or I don’t want to delete any of the content. Do not presume. Managers nor any place. Facebook is not a management area, the owner.

These groups are the only troll I hear complaints from time to time, the same goes for business pages, and a short, never!) Business View Page delete posts they know. bulk delete messages but is very rude. Admin do not have the right to play internet police, this job Facebook. The very nature of Facebook to engage with people in the group is an open forum and discuss whatever they choose. OK, what is happening now, good for Kids, group content isn’t the place, after a while, you will like these activities that they will achieve nothing go I can hear some of the Groups administrators. If someone in a community group an old library if he wants to sell that thing for him. Initially, the intention may not be, but it’s progress. If as an administrator, then if he wants to pay for it to check out the area, or your own; there is not space this is Facebook, not without paying a single penny does not have any control. Facebooks.

Libraries and old people advertising their cars for free if you want a controlled environment, then start the web site. Easy, then as much as you want, control everything, you can get back to you later. The conditions of the people who did this to be a site setup and manage payment. So you want a good online space. Ultimately, your site and users can decide if they want to be a part of it. Simple.

But just re-internet, Facebook, space does not belong to the user, nor the content, in short, their Facebook messages, there is condemnation. Social media, custom media it’s supposed to be, and yes, some people abuse to a large extent, but Folks, this is life. In the online world in the offline world so there is.

In a nutshell, you have it, if not you can check it out.

And remember, “sticks and stones”

Posted : March 17, 2020 1:42 am