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Turkey opened YouTube Premium: here the prices and all properties  

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YouTube YouTube Premium paid subscription service based on a system after a long wait, Turkey was started to provide service. Well, YouTube has a premium price, how much, from membership standard YouTube what's the difference? (The first 3 months are free.)
Wage index along with the rise of platforms and film for YouTube, since the beginning of the 2010s was working on a system that is based on a paid subscription service. Across from US 2014 music-oriented Music Key service out of all the content in a way that meets their style in 2015, this service YouTube was named the red. About 14 months ago, on May 17, premium YouTube was launched in 2018.
The US, Europe and in Asia, some countries YouTube is available in Premium, Premium access to content by paying a monthly fee just like Netflix has provided the opportunity for. Content producers, advertising revenue became a source of a second income outside of the partnership model. Also, the viewers, more quality content and ad-free way to reach the opportunity they got. Moreover, this service rival Spotify in the Music, including YouTube!
Premium YouTube features:
premium turkey youtube
Turkey for a while in the planning stages to the service, which is together with all the features abroad, our country began to serve as the official. The specifications in question are as follows:
•Completely ad-free YouTube experience
•Spotify's rival YouTube Music access to the application in the background, listen to music, create playlists and share
•Netflix, which is similar to YouTube only for Premium Users special access to the contents of the originals,
•Standard YouTube videos “picture in picture” so that “picture in picture” while navigating to be able to use in different applications in the form of,
•Download the videos from internal memory to the desired channel and monitoring
•Automatically download subscribed channel recent videos,
Premium price in India YouTube:
premium youtube
YouTube Premium Turkey 4 offers all of these services in a different package. The first 3 months of the entire package is completely free. Those packages are as follows:
•One individual package subscription: 16,99 TL
•5 person family package subscription: 25,99 TL
•Only YouTube Music subscription service (Individual): £ 13,99
•Only a music subscription service YouTube (Family): 20,99 TL
How can I subscribe to premium YouTube?
•For this you need to do the procedure is simple. If you are in a computer environment on the left side of the YouTube homepage open the menu in the bottom section "YouTube Premium" Tab.
•Mobile apps by tapping the profile icon at the top right, "open the paid memberships section,
YouTube click here to subscribe to the page get and Premium.
Both options mentioned above, the packages will be listed. Select any from this list and your information by entering your bank or credit card premium, you can start using YouTube Music and YouTube. It seems worth a try at least the first 3 months for free.
YouTube Premium use, we will continue to inform you about the features in detail, stay tuned. Remember to click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
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Posted : February 25, 2020 11:57 pm