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With One Exception, All The Odd Sollayan YouTuber Channel In Turkey: Elif Princess  

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With Dan Bilic Heating Orkun, heads, and many more... the total viewership of all of them even keep up with the weird princess with the name Elif channel. Elif Princess, which has 3 million subscribers in total, nearly 10 million 4.6 billion subscribers, who are Enes Batur with views up. Channel Well this is interesting, how and why so many watched.
It's a really weird place on YouTube. There are many content that appeal to different audiences. Quality, tutorial, the number of original and entertaining content is very less. Elif channels such as the biggest proof of this to the Princess. Elif reyiz righteous princess all previously closed by YouTube with the world to view millions of videos with similar content have.
If you move out to the street today, and a chance of becoming viral on YouTube if you are recording an interesting event, as I find a toothpick in a truck of hay is low. But the family behind this cycle of a princess named Elif channel has broken. Moreover, it is extremely ordinary videos with Elif's mother and father doing that for years.
In total, 4.6 billion Elif viewing area princess how are they making money?
watch elif Princess
Each of the different YouTube videos on different categories of income ratio. The tracking number is not the only criterion. Ad Impressions Total Views Video factors such as duration comes into play. Elif channel on YouTube with Princess, which has a low income rate has been broadcasting in entertainment category maybe.
According to this data, a net figure is hard to say but the Princess channel, Elif, Elif and their parents bring in between $ 350 thousand to 20 thousand in a month. 6-year-old Elif not even aware of the situation. Therefore, they do every activity, the content activity the parents transforms.
Elif princess while we were playing pool in a hotel, on the street with his baby brother Berkay, and in short, in every conceivable place with Taken content. Elif Princess attracts all these videos up to tracking numbers.
Reyiz previously closed world to the righteous, it is still actively monitored Toy like I'm playing all of the channels have a similar structure. As many as you can videos, it means so many views. Monitoring a channel that the Princess take this opportunity to Elif active for 3 years.
Elif not understand how you may be being watched Princess videos:
elif Princess new sections
Other similar channels on YouTube the most important reason behind the popularity of toy and children's parents. Children a tablet and a phone in their hand and told you in a corner for parents who entrust YouTube to the pit no matter what the content. Let's have fun and be happy enough to children.
Elif Princess stands out from this group, but include plenty of elements of sexuality and violence in the content of the child in question. Elif Princess video camera that records all the moments in a family. Indeed, it is clear that kaydetse so these videos cannot be monitored to any family.
Elif Princess videos are all interpretation is off. At the same time in English and translated into Russian copies of the texts of the description of the video includes. Elif this not only shows that Turkey is getting hits from all over the world. We see a similar increase in foreign children's television.
Tracked from unofficial still the potential for some videos it can be applied more Elif Princess cheats. Indeed, in the absence of clear evidence in our hands, we force it to get closer to the subject with a definite conclusion.
Enes Batur 5.3 billion to 4.6 billion Elif Princess has tracked:
elif Princess
Enes Batur with 11 million subscribers, the YouTube channel is the most crowded in Turkey. Elif princess 3 million subscribers. In response, a total of 5.3 billion Enes Batur, Princess has tracked Elif 4.6 billion. In terms of these figures on YouTube are no joke.
Because the quality of content on YouTube, regardless of anything that allows users to spend more time tolerates. Although there are some limitations, such as Princess shows that Elif channels can be ignored. Let's we will meet in the coming days. Interesting that catches your eye in a similar way, there are channels you also if you can share with us in the comments section.

Posted : February 25, 2020 11:57 pm