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With The Number Of The World's Most Subscribed YouTuber 26  

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With The Number Of The World's Most Subscribed YouTuber 26
YouTube, is of special importance especially for the Generation Z growing along with technology. Because the video-sharing giant, just like television, has its own celebrities. The phenomenon of YouTube, which has 26 subscribers this content most of us share.
A very large portion of YouTube videos on the internet which comprises, on 21. income is one of the most important of the century. 15 February 2005, 3 former PayPal employees to Google for 1.65 billion dollars and was founded by its platform only a year later last, in almost every society that has become a huge influence ecosystem dynamics.
Today, you know, put our lives on many viral YouTube personality after a short time 15. the anniversary will celebrate. The phenomenon of YouTube, which has the most subscribers on this occasion we also we have listed for you 26. So let the countdown begin.
Here's a YouTube phenomenon with the most subscribers
26. DanTDM - 22.3 million subscriber
His real name is Daniel Middleton, British YouTube, gameplay videos and game reviews and is known for focuses on Minecraft. DanTDM, YouTube creates a big scene and took a short series called the red in 2017.
25. Ninja - 22.4 million subscribers
His real name is Tyler Ninja Blevins, Twitch streaming video platform oriented game, it was a great success with the publications. A professional e-sports player, Ninja, Battle Royale is playing games like Fortnite apex legends and popular YouTube channel.
24. Ryan's world (Ryan ToysReview) - 22.4 million subscribers
Eight-year-old Ryan operated by Ryan's parents ToysReview channel Kaji, recently had been named in Ryan's world. Channel, was revenue of $ 22 million in the past year.
23. Jackseptice to - 23 million subscribers
The real name is Sean McLoughlin jackseptice to PewDiePie in 2013 took a video talking about has gained a reputation for itself in a short time. Irish YouTube, video with fun gameplay appeals to millions of followers.
22. Shane Dawson - 23,1 million subscribers
Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, Jake and Paul it was a great success thanks to popular conspiracy theories such as YouTuber about.
21. Yuya - 24,1 million subscribers
Since the age of 16, hair, makeup and style who share content about Yuya, is one of the world's most popular fashion influencerlar.
20. Markiplier - 24.5 million subscriber
YouTube video Markiplier or Mark Fischbach, who is known for his real name with another game reviews, fun style, and Color-Treated Hair is known for.
19. VanossGaming - 24,9 million subscribers
Real name is Evan Fong, a Canadian-YouTube, entertaining videos about games is known for pulled review.
18. Smosh - 25 million subscribers
Comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla managed by Smash channel, Short-Form Comedy Series is known for.
17. RezendeEvil - 25,2 million subscribers
YouTube Minecraft gameplay videos Pedro Alfonso in his career, starting with cow's milk, nowadays, more and more vlog style videos took with their daily lives is known.
16. MrBeast - 25.6 million subscribers
Mr beast known by the nickname of American YouTube Jimmy Donaldson, donations and charity is known for viral videos pulled.
15. Lucca Neto - 27,1 million subscribers
Lucca Neto, preparing videos that contain characters and stories for children. Brazilian YouTube at the same time, his brother Felipe Neto other YouTube phenomenon.
14. Luisito Comunica - the 27.5 million subscribers
Name Luis Arturo Villar sudek Mexican Luisito comunica emitters Nam YouTube, travel blogs told you that attracts culture and history of the places you visit.
13. Vegetta777 - its 27,8-million subscriber
Samuel de Luque, or better known as Vegetta777, Minecraft, Saints Row, and Battlefield gameplay videos, such as construction related shooting. Vegetta777 is preparing about the origins of characters also informative content in video games.
12. Vlad and Nikita - 28.8 million subscribers
Vlad and Nikita channel, made by two brothers aged 6 and 4, including toy review videos include.
11. Voce Sabia? - 29 million subscribers
“Do you recognize it?” meaning Voce Sabia? the channel of interesting information to followers around the world are establishing.
10. Fernanfloo - 34,1 million subscribers
Real name Luis Fernando Flores, El Salvadoran Fernanfloo YouTube gameplay videos is known.
9. Felipe Neto - 34,8 million subscribers
Felipe Neto attracts based on the daily life blogs. In 2012, the first Brazilian channel to reach 1 million subscribers, Neto, Netflix's original comedy movies in 2017 makes no sense had a role in my life.
8. El Rubius - 36 million subscribers
At the age of 16 on this YouTube journey, Gundersen began pulling Ruben Morel video on Channel ElRubiusOMG, El Rubius funny vlog and review videos on the channel today is known for.
7. JuegaGerman (Hola soy German) - 37 million subscribers
YouTube channel HolaSoyGerman known Chilean YouTube comedian, and writer, German Garmendia, Latin America's most popular YouTube phenomenon. Ancud named Garmendia in a band, funny content is recognized.
6. Whinderssonnunes - 37,3 million subscribers
Henderson Nunes Whinderssonnunes or as it is known, since the age of 15 he makes comedy videos and vlogs. About the daily life in addition to a parody song, and are producing content such as Movie Reviews.
5. Diana's Kids Show - 37,4 million subscribers
The kids Show Diana, Diana and her brother follows the adventures of Rome daily.
4. Like Nastya Vlogs - 38,4 million subscribers
Vlog channel like Nastya, Stacy by the name of Russian-American blogs are running about the time he played with her toys a little girl.
3. Badabu I - 43 million subscribers
Infieles series gained a great popularity Exponiendo badabu I interviewed couples, Latin America's best-known YouTube stars is one of them.
2. Dude Perfect - 47.1 million subscribers
Texas A&M University former college roommates who happen to be twins, Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney channel Dude Perfect, sports-oriented fun videos he shoots.
1. PewDiePie - 102 million subscribers
Swedish YouTube PewDiePie Felix Kjellberg, known by the name of YouTube is one of the most important figures. PewDiePie made the comment while playing fun video games with recognized content, a Hollywood production company T-Series had entered into with a subscriber for months competition. Even the famous YouTuber loyal fan base, a very extensive “PewDiePie subscribe to” campaign had launched. At the end of last May, which surpassed 100 million subscribers PewDiePie has the number of months past had been the target of criticism because of racist comments and antiseptic.
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Posted : February 25, 2020 11:57 pm