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From the king of YouTube, the internet. Being able to make a GIF on how to keep the videos on the site has many features. Here are 21 of them!
Arguably the most important in the world of the internet, YouTube is one of the sites. Millions of people are watching videos on YouTube while you are reading this text right now. You can enrich the video viewing experience on this site with little features.
1 - How is the GIF?
To the beginning of the YouTube URL for “GIF” you can see in the picture by adding. The website will redirect you to your own GIF YouTube. There you can make GIF by editing the video part you want.
2 - Do You Find The Page Of Your Favorite Artist?
“#+”after you type the name of your favorite artist if you can see all the albums on the artists tab.
3 - How Can I Find The Karaoke Lyrics?
Musixmatch is a free application that provides a Chrome. Approximately more than 7 million lyrics the karaoke of the song by getting this application you can listen.
4 - How Do You Determine A Song Is Playing In The Video? can help you with this. Here is the link all you have to do is go to the site and copy-paste.
5 - How Would You Use Theatre Mode?
If you click on the small square below, if “Theater Mode” is activated.
6 - Play Automatic How Do You Use It?
In the upper right corner “Autoplay”if you press E, the video will be displayed automatically when finished.
7 - How Do You Control The Quality Of A Video?
The video quality report is a tool that allows you to observe the quality of Google Videos.
8 - How You Can Use The New YouTube Interface?
Address here by going to “newly designed try the YouTube Player”tab. Thus, you can test some features.
9 - How You Can Watch YouTube With Your TV?
If you have a smart TV that is connected to the internet make sure. You can watch the videos from the application by running to YouTube afterwards.
10-You Can Share The Video From A Certain Time Period
The “Ctrl” button and right-click the mouse on bringing in which the second pick there. From the menu select the second option.
11 - How Safe Is YouTube You Can Do For Your Children
Youtube Kids app for Android and iOS suitable. They operate in a safer environment with it.
12 - Slow Connections On YouTube, How Do You Tune?
If the connection closes due to a slow video “” address by going to select the second option from the top.
13 - Could You Find A Private Video?
Your calls to the end of “channel, playlist, HD, 3D, such as” you can add.
14 - the sound of a YouTube video to MP3 How do you do?
Peggo to go. Here you will be able to see your work.
15 - Do You Create Your Own Video Playlist?
Solon named Site video from YouTube, and you can make a playlist of tracks from SoundCloud.
16 - How To Watch Video From The Screen Floating
Youtube Floating down the application window allows you to watch videos offline kaydirsan hard even with a small screen.
17 - How Do You Set The Speed Of A Video?
On the gear symbol in the bottom right corner 2 times as fast as you can play the video you want, if you want you can slow it down by 4 times. The decision is yours.
18 - How Will You Keep Your Deeds Secret?
In the Account Settings “Privacy”e came to check all boxes and save.
19 - How To Use Keyboard Shortcuts For Video Watching?
K: pauses or plays.
J: it throws back to 10 seconds of the video.
L: the video 10 seconds forward throws.
M: enables or disables the sound.
20 - How To Install Videos?
Offline copy and paste the link to the site you want to upload from the Save Net. It won't last long!
21 - How You Will Get Rid Of The Ads?
They're using the YouTube app for users of Google Chrome adblock. Now you will watch videos immediately!
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Posted : February 25, 2020 11:56 pm